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This article provides tutorials, beginning concepts and general information around ItemManager, to get you started.

Also note that a new version has been released , if you plan to use ItemManager to create your own plugins, you might want to use ItemManager 3 instead.

Welcome to ItemManager

ItemManager (IM) is a simple flat-file framework for GetSimple-CMS that allows you to develop completely customisable PHP applications bundled with GetSimple-CMS. ItemManager offers you a XML data management in just as straightforward a manner as if you were working with a real database. ItemManager gives you the ability to edit, search and filter items in really powerful ways, and gives you a flexible API. ItemManager’s API is very easy to remember and really enjoyable.

ItemManager API Reference

Working with ItemManager

Tutorials, tips & code snippets

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ItemManager 3 is released

ItemManager is now standalone, since IM 3 operates independently of your CMS – use IM's API in any other PHP scripts it's easy!

When should you choose IM3 over IM2?

  • If you want to build your own item management in admin
  • If you don't need native item management in the admin
  • If you want to use the full power of IM's API in your own plugins or scripts
  • If you prefer not to be dependent on a system

Further Links and Info

ItemManager 3 - Download